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KBSKorea Korean 250k
KBS [General]
August 16, 2008
General TV Station. Sports, News, Movie, Drama...
KBS1, KBS2, KBS FM Radio.   This station's website.
8.7 (72 ratings)
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DreamCalif…   February 17, 2009
nurul   March 13, 2009
hello..i'm frm singapore and i bin tryin to access kbs chnl but each time i press 2tv a wierd pop out with not a word thst is understandable comes there a way i can use kbs able to watch kbs??pls help me..some1 pls!!!
Kay1   June 18, 2009
Click on 2TV and then a pop out called VOD player should open.  Its basically media player so make sure you have windows media player installed to view the channel.
AnroL   January 23, 2010
me too can't connect.. altho i hv WMP..
yangchigi   March 19, 2009
smartgirl   March 20, 2009
I can't watch tv2
can you help me
charles   June 2, 2009
korea kbs
Liza   July 12, 2009
Do anyone how to fix it, if the VOD player i somehow just blue and it´s not showing anything? :/
joonbaebae   November 10, 2009
which one is beter 1tv or 2tv? :p
feli   January 9, 2010
AnroL   January 23, 2010
how come not able to connect :'(
JiraStar   January 26, 2010
try use internet explorer to open it..
nichkhun   July 16, 2010
SHINee's comeback on the 23rd, is on KBS1 or KBS2 ?
Utami   July 22, 2010
tree   July 22, 2010
lets go dream team!!!
thie   August 28, 2010
love KBS!!!
bambi   October 12, 2010
i am new here @@.. no sub for this channel ?? i dunno korean  ><''
pheerix   November 9, 2010
plz help me i can't watch tv2 other channel?? plz help me.
kee961004   March 19, 2011
P609   February 10, 2012
GO FT ISLAND~~~~~~~~
rahma   April 7, 2012
kbs ^^
Bongi   August 12, 2012
My Fav channel
deaa   March 9, 2013
Joysprite   June 21, 2014
I like KBS.
Korea,South Comments
I don't know why this is the one c…
I like KBS.
This is great. A nice mix of Engli…
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